Our mission is to provide quality land surveying services through all phases of a project with the maximum degree of personal commitment. C.C.S. Consultants, Inc. is a Colorado firm.  Our land surveyors have worked along the Front Range and Western Slope for over 35 years. We understand the value of accurate data since land surveying is the precursor to development, planning and initial design of a project.  We have extensive experience in subdividing and platting land, section breakdowns, topographic and utility mapping, A.L.T.A. surveys, annexation maps, legal descriptions, flight control/aerial mapping, condominium maps and gathering field data for civil or architectural design. Our personnel are assigned to a project and kept involved throughout all aspects of the job. This eliminates the time it takes to familiarize additional personnel with the client and project needs. This also reduces the possibility of errors and duplicating work.  Our key personnel have years of experience in  land surveying and civil engineering which allows us to better understand the information needed by engineers and architects for  project design. We operate computer workstations that communicate directly with our data collection and G.P.S. systems.  These state of the art systems reduce technician time and the possibility of errors.  The system eliminates the need for survey note reduction, because the field data that crews gather is downloaded directly into our computers and calculated automatically.  This system also saves crew time because the information needed for a project can be contained within a data collector so crews spend less time on calculations in the field. We are currently working with AutoCad and Leica Geo Office engineering and survey programs.  This enables us to comply with many city and municipality requirements and the data requests of engineers, land planners and architects.